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Wes Anderson Buffs Hit eBay

We’ve been waiting for years. Finally, The Grand Budapest Hotel has opened it’s doors on silver screens, catapulting us into the superbly art directed mind of Wes Anderson. Opened in just 4 theaters originally, the elegant caper film is now playing 66 theaters, thereby watering the mouths of Wes aficionados nationally. 

If you compare eBay stats to last year, then you’ll notice red berets have increased by 104% upon this film’s release. Coincidence? How about the increased buys for aviator sunglasses and pipes? Traditional Wes Anderson interior pieces have also spiked in attention —  bar carts (increased 38%), oil paintings and oriental rugs (increased 9%). It’s official. The film-philes are digging on eBay. 

Need a proper kick in the right direction to get a hold of these inspired items on eBay (seen above)? Check out our collection of Grand Budapest Hotel inspired items 

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